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Wether you need to implement a SaaS / CRM/ ERP / LIMS / QMS solutions, in need of advise for your infrastructure or want to have an overview of optimise your operation while assessing your company digital maturity through an audit we got you covered.

CRM Consulting

Find the best Custumer Relationship Management solution to help you get the most of your team

ERP Consulting

We are here to help you get and implement the Enterprise Ressource Planning that suits your company

LIMS Consulting

We are experts in Laboratory Information Management Systems. Let us help you get the best solution

Digital Audit and Studies

 Get a global view of your company from an IT perspective and discover how to improve it

Infrastructure and security

We assist you in the choice and setup of your network equipment at every scale

Our Skills


We thrive to find the best solution for your needs, all our independents consultants we have reviewed and implemented several solutions . Wether you need a unique solution or a patchwork of interconnected small SaaS applications we will guide you trough the vast market of existing technologies and even assist you to build custom application trough coding if need be.


Today’s ecosystem is very large and it is rare that you would need to build application from the ground up but it does happen wether its because you need to make two applications talk to one another, have very specific business needs, or dont want to invest in a large system to use only a very small portion of it.

Integration is becoming a very important part of every company digital ecosystem wether its because you need your CRM to send customer info to your accounting solution, or because you want to collect information from a mobile app to go to your ERP. We cover simple and advance integration for our clients.
Digital audits are an essential part of our offering. Often we provide a small audit for our client so has to give them an instant view of their system / security / processes / software practice / internal skills that help tremendously in the selection of a new application while often providing quick wins action to simplify business operations
Analytics, KPIs, Dashboard are an essential part of business decision making and manager and C level executive require a lot of them. There are many solution out there wether integrated or standalone that can provide insight on data. But the journey to implement them usually go trough data cleansing, enrichment, and some pretty good thinking to find what is relevant for each individual/buinesses.

About IT consulting

Benefits of independent IT consulting and Sagit services in a nutshell

What is IT Consulting?

You can get timed expert intervention for skills not present in your organisation very easily.

Consultants can operates in a professional and timed manner, which ranges from having the right qualifications to ensuring high quality service delivery and a solid internal operation.

When a consultant is independent like Sagit Solutions you can get a wide overview of every solutions available to choose the right one for your company.

What are the advantages of IT consulting?
  • Pay expertise as you go : no overhead of staff cost (holidays, MPF, non worked hours etc.)
  • Benefit from the experience of many companies in various industry
  • We Implemented several system and we can identify hurting points and product strength/weakness
  • Clients have access to deeper levels of expertise than would be financially feasible for them to retain in-house on a long-term basis
Why Sagit Solutions Consulting?

Sagit Solutions is Independent and provides an objective view on dilemma and solutions.

We have no solutions or software partnership and we do not work with commissions to keep a real independent perspective.

We implemented many CRM, ERP, custom software and other SaaS applications all over the world.

What our custumers says about us

Vincent De Saint Exupery

Sagit Solutions team has always been very dedicated to the company, they meticulously designed the processes and implementation in the various projects they were involved in (SaaS/ ERP / CRM /CMS). They were constantly willing to offer assistance and had an excellent relationship not only with Ecclesia staff but also with the developers they managed in a very efficient way

Vincent De Saint Exupery, LCCS

Dominique Mourey

Sagit Solutions has implemented an entire new ERP system from search of relevant software partner to after sale service within a challenging time frame and on both HK office and China factory in parallel. Their skills and knowledge are precious for development and training, and the whole customization has been done quickly and properly. I highly recommend their services.

Dominique Mourey, Pylones

Terry Wong

Sagit Solutions were instrumental in the design and delivery of a complex multi-party web services integration project for us at Dragon Law. He consistently offers clients a high level of professionalism, as well as great attention to detail in demanding, intricate tasks, balanced with a pragmatic style of solution delivery.

Terry Wong, Dragon Law

Gregory Quinard

We worked with Sagit Solutions for automatizing Key Performance Indicators for our Buying Offices in Asia. The team is passionate about innovation and construction of IT solutions which are simple, pragmatic and easy to evolve. We have been sincerely impressed by his ability to cut through the complexity of our operations, and to propose solutions to manage better our business.

Gregory Quinard, Gifi

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