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We work with you to find the best ERP solution for your company. If you need an audit, ERP consulting, implementation or maintaining your ERP solution, you are at the right place !

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Increase Productivity

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Improve Collaboration

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Do you need an ERP ?

If you are running a small trading business or a multi-sites enterprise with production unit the usage of an Enterprise Resources Planning solutions can significantly improve your operations. That is to say that it is necessary that you pick the right one.

ERP systems can be very expensive and time consuming and their choice shouldn’t be done lightly. We provide ERP Consulting Services in Hong Kong. Studying your business operations and flows to propose the solutions that match your functional requirements, budget and timeline.

We can also be at your side to implement such solution acting as your in-house ERP project manager to insure on time and budget delivery.

Departement improvment you can expect

*Data for 2020 from Superoffice

  • Finance and Accounting 60% 60%
  • Supply Chain / Merchandising 50% 50%
  • Sales 40% 40%
  • Human resource 30% 30%

We have experience in many ERP solutions

We are not affiliated with any solution to provide quality independant consulting services


Pure web player Netsuite has grown a lot in the last few years along with its market share. It was acquire by Oracle who invest a lot of R&D 


Open source solution previously known as OpenERP, Odoo has a very large community and several module that compete with well known ERP solutions.


SAP remains a reference, they have multiple products that cater for large multinational (Hana) but also for mid size companies (by Design, Business one)


Epicor is an interesting solution especially for manufacturing and F&B industries, it is fully built with Microsoft technologies.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft propose two main solutions under the dynamics name, business central (NAV) and operations (AX) both are very robust.

Enterprise Resource Planning

The idea of the ROI calculation is to delineate the main targets to be achieved and how the ERP can provide the proper solutions to achieve those goals.

The ROI can be a long process but “if you can develop and apply reasonable metrics to intangibles such as customer satisfaction, communication, decision cycle time, decision-making quality, cycle time, delivery performance, etc., then it is very likely the economic impact [of the ERP implementation] can be reasonably predicted.”


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The benefits of an ERP solution are clear, and millions of business rely on an ERP as a core tool for their businesses. Historically these tools were out of reach for most small and medium businesses, but technology advances mean that there is almost no business that cannot benefit from some level of automation, centralization, or standardization.

Take into account licensing/subscription, implementation, and ongoing maintenance, and you will be able to get a clear picture of the total cost of your chosen ERP solution.

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ERP stands for « Enterprise Resource Planning» It is a full digital solution for enterprises allowing most aspects of the company to be managed using only one solution.

When a company grows it becomes necessary to rethink the tools used and the necessity of implementing an ERP becomes obvious. This solution will greatly assist the company as a whole and provide valuable solution to get the most of it. To make the choice to set up an ERP at the right moment will make the transition easier and considerably reduce the inertia related to changes.

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To give you an idea of ERP license cost by tier

Those are for reference only and do not cater for implementation, support, customization etc…

Find the right ERP solution

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