About Sagit Solutions

Sagit Solutions is an independent digital consulting services firm our core business revolve around searching comparing and implementing digital solutions that fit your requirements and budget.

What we do

We have extensive experience around ERP, CRM, PIM, PPM, DMS selection and implementation as well as integration between various applications.

On top of that we provide digital audit services focused on IT infrastructure , Digital team, network, security and web development.

We are also spending time on R&D to keep appraised of the latest trends and technology for our clients (AI, Blockchain, Chat bot…)

Our Process

Sagit solutions can operate in Agile or Waterfall model depending on client’s preference


Understand the needs

This often start by a small study or digital audit that we conduct to be able to propose you the best solutions and define KPIs to monitor the ROI.


Presenting a digital solution

Once we have identified one or multiple solutions we will usually arrange demo for your team.


Implement the solution

Depending on your contraints and the complexity of the solutions implementation can be a matter of weeks or months 


Reporting about the outcomes

Once the solution is implemented we will be able to evaluate the actual ROI but also put in place reporting/KPIs/Dashboard for all the users.

More about Sagit Solutions


The biggest advantage of working with Sagit Solutions to define your need is that we will study various solutions with their advantages and limitations instead of providing you, like most vendors, only the one they have partnership with

Our consultants have very wide system experiences locally but also internationally and will work tirelessly to provide to your company the solution that fits your requirement and budget.

Our Clients

Our Clients can be any kind of company willing to improve it’s IT Solutions.

Some customers approach us with requirement such as ‘I need a list/database where I can manage my contacts and share those with my colleagues’ or ‘I need a simple system to create and send automatically invoices to hundreds of customers’ and we find them the proper solutions while explaining them why we propose such.

Let's Work Together

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