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We accompany you all the way through your digital change starting from auditing, consulting, implementing and maintaining your new CRM in Hong Kong
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Generate Leads

Connect your website and increase / optimise lead generation trough your marketing CRM

Increase Sales

Trough marketing automation, better organisation and visibility of your pipeline

Save Time

Set up reminder, organise lead attribution and follow up, record meeting minute

Why would you need a CRM

Nothing better than a cloud CRM to generate leads and increase sales to keep track of your customer history, send state of the art newsletters, manage sales funnel and have an instant view of your sales team progress.

Why Sagit Solutions ?

We provide professional Consulting Services in Hong Kong, studying your business operations and flows and propose the solutions that match your functional requirements, budget and timeline.

We can also be at your side to implement such solution acting as your in-house custom Customer Relationship Management project manager to insure on time and budget delivery.

Most expected marketing program increase

*Data for 2020 from Superoffice

  • Email Marketing 60.7% 60.7%
  • Social Media 48.90% 48.90%
  • Mobile Marketing 40.2% 40.2%

We have experience with the most popular CRM

We are not affiliated with any solution to provide quality independant consulting services


Largest CRM solution by market share Salesforce is a tier one solutions with advanced customisation options

Sugar CRM

With Sugar you have the benefit of an open source solution and endless customisations possibilities


Very cost effective sales and marketing CRM solution that belong to a larger ecosystem


Advanced inbound marketing and CRM solutions very well fitted for online e-commerce / marketplace / pure players


Comprehensive CRM solutions that deploy its full potential connected to Netsuite ERP.

Microsoft Dynamic

Advanced CRM solutions that is well integrated in Microsoft ecosystem (office 365, AX, NAV)

Understand Custumer Realationship Managment

If the selection and implementation of a CRM system are delivered with clearly defined success factors and a well thought our plan it can be transformative for business large and small.

The ability of SaaS solutions to be implemented as required and to be scaled as requirements change.

This means that the time and money requirements for a CRM implementation has dropped to levels that make the ROI arguments for even small businesses compelling.

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A CRM is a wide, powerful interconnecting tool allowing your company to think the long term but the first steps can be costly. Therefore implementing a CRM is not a decision to be taken lightly.

Considering every cost on the short, medium and long term is already to adopt the right perspective to avoid disappointment on the long run.

To know what to consider to make the right estimation, read our full article

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Your CRM will be :

  • Managing the relationship of a company with its customers.
  • Boosting the efficiency of customer engagement & nurturing process.
  • Offer a centralization of information and a homogenization of methodologies.
  • Allow considerable time savings and a global vision to think about the evolution of the company.
  • Suitable for any type of business, but becomes more and more necessary as it grows.
  • Coming in many forms and must be chosen with respect to the expectations and size of the business.

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Choose Your Pricing Plan

Those are only estimated license cost for reference only and do not cater for implementation, support, customisation etc…

Find the right CRM solution

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