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 We are here to help you make the digital changes and adapt your business to the latest technology. From auditing to implementing and maintaining your Laboratory Information Management System, Sagit Solutions is providing high quality consulting.

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Laboratory Information Management System

What is a LIMS ?

Lims Stands for Laboratory Information Management System sometimes called LIS (Laboratory Information Sytem) or LMS (laboratory Management System).
A LIMS is made to help you during the whole processes of a laboratory. From sample tracking to decision making, a good LIMS will not only assist you during routine operations but should be flexible enough to help you during research through data analysis and data management.

What you can expect from a Laboratory Information Management System ?

The main strength of a LIMS lies in its specialisation, it is a software made for and around laboratories.

This is the core difference between a classic much flexible tool adaptable to many fields and a tool evolving and revolving around a specific discipline.

The discipline being the laboratory and, with it, samples to study, track and classify. Choosing to implement a LIMS is to make the choice of increasing efficiency and productivity using a tools specifically designed to answers your need.

If increasing efficiency is the main goal, laboratories are also expected to keep a certain level of security and to follow some norms and legislations. This is why a tool tailored especially for laboratories will often be the most suited answer.

LIMS are powerful tools with many facets related together to help the users.

What are the main functionalities available?


  • Management and monitoring the lifecycle of samples.

  • Allow to input and/or compilate result of test

  • Generating reports


  • Barcode handling

  • API integration allowance – to integrate with other systems (ERP/Warehouse/Accounting etc…)

  • Data organization and transfer between systems

  • Help for decision making (Global View, reporting, KPIs)

  • Quality control : Skills, machine calibration, maintenance, issues


  • Billing

  • Sample and Stock management with data in real time

  • Automations : tracking, reports, notification and prelog for routine sampling and tracking

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What investment will it require ?

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We have studied multiple systems such as :

labware lims logo
Thermo Fisher Scientific Lims

We have studied multiple systems such as :

labware lims logo
Thermo Fisher Scientific Lims

What is the cost ?

To better understand what solution is best suited for your company, we can distinguish 3 main Tiers :

Small Players

USD $50,000+license + implementation
  • Out-of-the-box solution
  • Small amount of budget required
  • Easy & quick implementation
  • Specific Localized Solutions

ERP Module

USD $100,000+license + implementation
  • A good start to launch digitalised LIMS
  • Fairly fast implementation & cheap
  • Fairly powerful system & resource
  • Convincible Customer base

Big Players

USD $200,000+license + implementation
  • Large Customer base in different industries
  • Powerful & rich system function
  • Abundant Resource
  • More closely follow the technology trend
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What Sagit Solution is offering ?

As for CRM and ERP Sagit Solutions is offering independent consulting services in Hong Kong to find the best LIMS solutions for your company. Comparing, testing and demonstrating the strength and weaknesses of each, Sagit Solutions will help you during the whole process. From the Auditing, to choosing process and the implementation out experts will assist you to get the best technology for your specific needs.

Sagit Solutions has worked with multiple laboratories to get the best solutions without being influenced by partnership and therefore conflicts of interests.

The expertise of Sagit Solutions in CRMs and ERPs is allowing a good global approach to understand the best solutions that will best fit your company. Integration and compatibility will be considered from the beginning avoiding many issues.

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LIMS stands for Laboratory Information Management System.

A Laboratory Information Management System is a software specialized in laboratories. The goal is to standardize working procedures, improve transparency, track samples & inventory and experimental data & report precisely in the lab. The LIMS can greatly improve productivity if chosen and implemented carefully.

There are 4 major actors on the market : Labware, Starlims, Thermofisher and Labvantage. But there are competitive & innovative solutions available that can fit specific needs or budget.

Depending on the solution chosen but also the size and the expectations of the company, the price can highly change from one situation to another. Therefore, it is hard to estimate the cost of a LIMS as it can vary widely from 20,000 USD to 2,000,000 USD.

To fit the needs and expectations of the company, it has to be highly customizable. However it is important to understand customization is highly depending on the solution platform itself, the kind the implementation chosen (with or without hard-coding) and the accreditation that has to obey.

As for the cost of the implementation, the duration of the implementation can greatly vary from one implementation to another going from months for a simple solution in a small company with straight-forward expectations to years for a very complex solution in a very large company.
The implementation of a LIMS requires many resourceful professionals who has skills and knowledge of both laboratories as a whole and the solutions available with technical background. Making the wrong decision can be costly and counterproductive, this is why doing the implementation internally is usually not recommended.
A LIMS is a software dedicated to laboratories. Labs have specific needs that a classic ERP will usually not be able to manage properly like monitoring samples lifecycle or test regulation. In the other hand the ERP will also be providing features not available in LIMS.
A LIMS is a complex software that will require to be updated and maintained often to fit the evolving needs of the laboratory but also to ensure the security of the system. This process can be done internally or delegated but this question should not be left aside.

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