Digital Audit

A digital audit is particularly useful to identify shortcoming in your organisation in regards to IT / digital. Wether its because you need to implement a new solution (ERP/CRM…) but also to have an instant snapshot of your IT organisations, processes, network, security, development etc. With actionable recommendations, quick wins and long term solutions.
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Identify potential new platform scope

During the audit we performa an holistic review that often lead to new platform(s) implementation and integration(s). This usually allow for significant saving down the road to have well scoped digital solutions.

Quick wins solutions

 Wether its a simple update of some devices to increase security, enabling / configuring customer/supplier portal to save time for your staff, or virtualising your infrastructure – we provide you recommendation (and implementation as needed)

External review

It’s usually difficult to identify internally the problems as too often the person able to do so are too focused on task at hands and may worry about internal politics. We interview your managers and technical team to identify with them shortcoming and potential solutions  

Why would you need a Digital Audit

Whenever you identify some bottleneck or thinking to implement a new solutions its very relevant to conduct a digital audit first

Why Sagit Solutions ?

We provide professional Consulting Services in Hong Kong, studying your business operations and flows and propose the solutions that match your functional requirements, budget and timeline.

We can also be at your side to implement such solution acting as your in-house custom IT/Digital project manager to insure on time and budget delivery.

Most expected benefits

  • Save time and cost on solutions selection & implementation 60% 60%
  • Identify risks on security, network, organisation, development 45% 45%
  • Provide visibility across the board on organisation digital maturity level 40% 40%

Understand Digital Audits

At some point the question of the necessity of making an audit might arise. At this you might wonder when is the best timing to do so. If an early audit will allow you teams to get used to the best practices with a good and solid system, the work inherent to this decision will probably make you wait for the most strategic moment to do so.

There are few key moments when doing an audit will make a real difference. Choosing the right moment will be the cornerstone for the good evolution and stability of the company.

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Now that you know what are the goals targeted by the audit you might wonder what you are going to concretely get when the work is done.

There are few deliverable that you should get to help you do the best choices with a smooth implementation.

We can distinguish 6 mains deliverable :

A digital audit scoring by category to get an efficient overview of the global state of your company digitally speaking.

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The audit will provide an health assessment of the company at a specific time.

With this knowledge it will give you the opportunity identify the less costly but most effective measure to be taken.

The audit will be able to show the most urgent but also easy measure to be taken at first. This means that solutions will be classified regarding many criterium to help the company prioritize the ones it should implement first.

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Let’s have a deeper look to this different steps :

Understand : State of the art

The first step when an audit is done properly is to understand the company at it’s actual state. If that might seem obvious, this part is crucial as it will provide a global perspective of the company.

The bigger the company is the more layers there is and the more complex the system will be.

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Your might wonder what is the difference between a Study and an Audit and which one is adapted to your needs if any.

You might say that the main difference is a matter of scale. When the study A study is specific to a particular piece of digital solution, an audit is more general and will focus on key aspect like security, infrastructure, process, software development, it organisation etc…

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Choose Your Audit Plan

From specific solution audit to an holistic digital review of your company

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