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Cloud consulting

Cloud / multi cloud advisory, switching to cloud and optimising cloud deployments.

Infrastructure consulting

We review your existing setup and propose optimisations

Network consulting

Network analysis and optimisation, cloud connectivity.

Security consulting

Security review of your infrastructure, pen-testing and optimisation.

Cloud Consulting

Cloud SaaS/PaaS/IaaS offer flexibly, scalability and usually a much easier setup/control. There is plenty of tools that would tremendously simplify your business operation but the choice can be difficult at time (security, term of service, localisation).

Sagit Solutions can help you navigate the maze of providers and find the right Cloud solutions for your website, infrastructure and/or operations. We provide Cloud Consulting Services in Hong Kong, studying your business operations and flows and propose the solutions that match your functional requirements, budget and timeline.

Many companies, especially small to medium one, dont actually need a full ERP but only specific business solution, wether it be an accounting, reporting, expenses, trading or inventory management solutions.

We can also be at your side to implement such solution acting as your in-house cloud project manager to insure on time and budget delivery.

Infrastructure consulting

With our technical expert knowledge in Windows, Linux and OSX domains we can provide you efficient and reliable infrastructure setup and maintenance.With enterprise architecture and networking experience Sagit Solutions staff can give you various advises ensuring your site scalability and resilience.

Wether you looking at public cloud solution (Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace), private clouds or your own virtualised environment (Vmware ESXI) we can help you prepare and perform the setup for you. We can also guide you trough the selection of the best solution for your infrastructure needs.

We also provide NAS all-in-one solutions so that you can rely on one inexpensive device for your files, dropbox like access, FTP, VPN…

Network consulting

The network is one of the aspect of IT that if often neglected. Your whole IT infrastructure relies on those switch, IDS, firewall, proxy to run and the setup can be complicated at time.

With our network setup services we assist you in the choice and setup of your network equipment whether you have a small office with a simple router or a complex multi layer firewall network.

We have experience with most major security devices be it Cisco, Juniper, Sonicwall or Huawei.

Security consulting


Our IT security experts have worked in various high security area and can help you to protect your data efficiently. Balancing the risk and the cost is the approach we always choose to take.

We provide IT security audit services to assess the risk and provide you with software solutions and advise to protect your digital assets.

Our consultant have participated in global audit such as Visa/Mastercard and have a strong knowledge of the risk and means to prevent them.

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