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Different Types of ERP software.

Different Types of ERP software. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is composed of modules that help to manage day-to-day business processes across your organization. The critical difference between standalone systems and an ERP solution is that the ERP solution has a central database and a centralized operation engine that allows you to link different business processes in a single system, and to streamline the data flow from one process without any comprising [...]

Customer Relationship Management ROI

Customer Relationship Management : Return on Investment Using information to make great decisions. Most people understand that for a business to be successful the customer needs to be at the heart of every decision we make. That is simple when you have a handful of customers but as your business grows the task of keeping your view of the customer clear becomes more complicated. Customer relationship management [...]

Enterprise Resource Planning ROI

Enterprise resource planning : Evaluate your return on investment Why should you anticipate your ERP ROI before the implementation? Investing in an enterprise resource planning solution can be a costly and long process that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Therefore, being able to evaluate the return on investment (ROI) is a good way to get a deeper understanding of the company’s long-term strategy and how the ERP can meet those expectations. Maybe the most [...]

What is an ERP ?

What is an ERP ? ERP stands for « Enterprise Resource Planning» It is a full digital solution for enterprises allowing most aspects of the company to be managed using only one solution. ERP : Which company is concerned ? Many companies are still using a wide variety of different software to assist each department: finance, marketing, project management, manufacturing and so one. Usually, every of these solutions is well adapted to do one [...]

Understand Integration

What is integration? What is integration? Alongside with globalization come communication and exchange. With the internet and technology growing, gathering data become more and more powerful and necessary in every field. But with the multiplication of IT solutions existing in every market a question arises: Can these software communicate with each other to get the most of the information collected? It certainly should but then how does it work? Is there one perfect solution [...]

Evaluate the cost of a CRM

How to Evaluate the Cost of a CRM ? What is to consider? A CRM is not a simple software that can be quickly installed and used directly like many software. Or at least it shouldn't. Because a CRM can take multiple shape  and can be adapted to many different kind of company of multiple sizes the work underlying a good implementation can vary a lot. For this reason, the price will change a [...]

Different type of CRM

Different Types Of CRM Choose the right CRM - Customer Relationship Management System After our article about the flexibility and customization we thought that it might be interesting to explain a bit more about CRM types and the orientations. A operational CRM solution will often help your company as a whole but it is not suppose to be the one tool that will fit every department of the company and connect everything together. This [...]

What is a CRM

What is a CRM and for whom? What does it mean? "CRM" comes from Customer Relationship Management. A CRM is a software designed to help centralizing as much information as possible about a company's customers, as well as all their past, present and futures interactions. Any company  which expects to prosper and grow will have to integrate this powerful organizational tool to their working habits to save time and money, increase market share and [...]

CRM customization services

CRM Customization Different kind of CRMs Working with a CRM is about helping you saving time increase your client acquisition / conversion and connecting scattered and valuable information but you shouldn’t feel trapped into the structure of your CRM. What make this tool so powerful is that it can be shaped to resemble your company specificity and to respond to its needs. A CRM helps you to learn the good practices your teams should [...]