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Sagit Solutions provides various IT services ranging from simple cost effective showcase website to multisite ERP solutions. Our IT consulting services range includes ERP/CRM selection and implementation, IT infrastructure, network, security and web development. Working with us allows you to make significant savings.

We always work on finding solutions that fit your need whether you have or not the technical knowledge doesn’t matter to us, in fact we are always glad to explain things in simple terms. Some customers approach us with requirement such as ‘I need a list/database where I can manage my contacts and share those with my colleagues’ or ‘I need a simple system to create and send automatically invoices to hundreds of customers’ and we find them the proper solutions while explaining them why we propose such.

Our consultants have very wide system experiences locally but also internationally and will work tirelessly to provide to your company the solution that fits your requirement and budget.

The biggest advantage of working with Sagit Solutions to define your need is that we will study various solutions with their advantages and limitations instead of providing you, like most vendors, only the one they have partnership with.